Hard Working and Homeless- Volunteering at Christian HELP

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Hard working people are now calling themselves Homeless.

At one point in my life I considered a homeless person to be the few men and women that sat around Venice Beach, CA begging for money. It was normal for me to see these types of individuals hanging around the Southern California beaches. In fact it was so normal that when I was in the fourth grade, I drew a picture of my family at Santa Monica Beach and even included a homeless man sitting near a park bench. When my teacher asked me about my drawing, I named my family members and included the homeless man that I frequently saw resting besides a bench. It never once occurred to me that I would actually come across so many people, including friends that are now in a simliar situation. Working class Americans that have lost their homes and jobs. Don’t get me wrong, they’re working but they went from C-level salaries to minimum wage incomes. They just can’t get back on their feet.

Over a year ago, I lost my job but there are so many more people out there that have not only lost their jobs but also their homes. I have pretty much given up on the whole idea of finding the perfect job so until I fine something, I am volunteering at a non-profit organization in Seminole County, FL called Christian HELP . This experience has been an eye opener! Christian HELP has helped Families from all over Central Florida with job opportunities and food. My first day volunteering, I recognized two individuals that live in my community that were in need of assistance! I’ve met people who are working just to pay rent but can’t afford a car, gas, phone, or food. What’s worse is they make minimum wage so with their small income, they don’t qualify for food stamps or any other type of government assistance. Others in need just can’t find work at all. Christian HELP has yet to turn their back on these hard working people that are struggling to make ends meet.

Christian HELP’s staff work together to create a second family as well as make a difference in their lives. The organization provides employment assistance, food, material items, toys during the holidays, and spiritual support. I’ve learned to respect these the Christian HELP team because they work hard to bring smiles to many faces in Central Florida. Most of the clients that come to Christian HELP haven’t given up in life and continue to work as hard as they did before their luck turned. The stories I hear and friendships I have made has been a blessing for me. Volunteering at Christian HELP has changed my life for the better!

What one used to consider as being “homeless” has changed. Some may have lost their homes and reside with family or friends while others may reside in trailers (once used for vacations). There are many ways to help. If you can’t make a financial contribution then consider volunteering, opening your home, or donating unused items. Even a smile can make a huge difference in the lives of others. 

For more information about Christian Help, please visit their website at http://www.christianhelp.org

Click to watch- 60 Minutes Documentary – Homeless in Seminole County, FL


Cooking at Midnight- As Seen on Pinterest!

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Okay, I have to admit that I am having trouble sleeping. As mentioned, I am pinning my way towards happiness and with that said, I decided to cook breakfast 8 hours in advance as well as surprise my boys with a yummy dessert. Both midnight meal creations were found on Pinterest! 

The results are in….  

My family loved the crock pot egg brunch casserole! It took me an entire 10 minutes to chop and put all the ingredients into my lovely Kitchen BFF (Crock Pot). I highly recommend this recipe!



My great grandma (RIP) used to always make a jello fluff type salad. Unfortunately I never asked her the recipe, however after skimming through multiple images on Pinterest, I found a jello fluff salad! I had to make this recipe immediately. My boys were absolutely surprised to see the pistachio fluff waiting for them. This dessert took 3 minutes to put together and a few hours in the fridge.  Although not a morning dish, I allowed them a scoop so they can try it out. THEY LOVED IT! Honestly, this salad tastes exactly the same as my grandmother’s! Thank goodness for Pinterest and Becky Miller for pinning.


I hope you enjoy the above mentioned recipes as much as we did! Let me know what you think.



Results from my first pin!

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I recently tried my first new pin found on Pinterest! I only tried this one first because I had a lemon and honey right in front of me. “Getting rid of black heads” originally posted on stylebees.com  seemed to be something that I needed to try anyway… Unfortunately there were no immediate results. I will say that the honey did make my skin feel smooth. I will most definitely try this on a weekly basis to see if I will get more results other than soft skin. I think I’ll get my teenager to give it a try too!


my honey-lemon removal of blackheads image results

Pinning My Way to Happiness!

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Yes, when I say pinning, I mean pinning on Pinterest! I absolutely love Pinterest and understand the importance of how effective this addictive site is for any business. But that’s not what I am pinning for! I now have all the time in the world to actually try all the creative crafts, yummy recipes, and stylish look alike designs that I pinned on Pinterest!

I followed my own advice and LEFT my disaster of a start up organization before it was too late. No regrets or hard feelings. Actually, I loved the ladies and will miss Hubspot but if I know that something isn’t for me, I bail early. Life is too short and I have learned many career lessons along my journey!

I found this lovely image courtesy of blog.vistage.com and knew that this image represented exactly what I am feeling and plan on doing along my path 🙂 Read their blog article about “Is Pinterest the yellow brick road to web traffic and gold?” It goes into statistical details of why you should explorer Pinterest for your organization!

On MY road again with time to pin!! PIN PIN PIN my way to my own happiness.  Wish me luck because I am not the creative crafty type 🙂


Following my yellow brick road2design

Here Goes…

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Why I will never work for another start-up organization again…

I seem to fall into my own traps. All rules i’ve created for my professional life have been broken. 

Rule #1 Don’t work for anymore start-ups

Rule # 2 Try not to manage people

Why did I create these rules for myself? Because I wasted the last five years at a company where I poured my entire soul into help making the organization successful and guess what happened? I was laid off. I remember the chaos and lack of business planning but that didn’t stop me, I adapted to all levels of change. I did my job and I did it well. I’m that type of person. When I have a project that I am into, I give it 110%

I accepted a position through a temp agency recently. Let’s just say, it’s time to call the agency and back the hell out of this mess. There is no business plan and everyone and I mean everyone (CEO included) has no idea of what to do. Finances are tight and investors look stressed out. I smell the doors closing soon. 

I was asked to hire two new employees and I did. Their start date was yesterday… They were terminated that very same day. What’s worse is these individuals left their jobs of five years to take these positions. The CEO’s reasoning for their termination, “We decided that we’re going to take the company in a new direction and they are not needed after all.”

I understand that in this economy nothing is stable but c’mon, enough already! If you plan on owning a business, hire qualified individuals, have a plan, and most definitely be involved in the day to day activities. I can hear my inner voice telling me over and over “I told you so”


I get it…. 


The Perfect Business – Social Media is Fun!

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Over the past few months, I’ve been slowly learning web design and development. I’ve learned the majority of my skills from one creative company, Treehouse. I’ve followed the CEO’s blog and watched this small start up grow into a fun and successful firm. I’ve always enjoyed when companies were real and not only pushing product on social media sites. For example, Zappos has awesome product videos as does Treehouse. They talk to their audience and are entertaining. I look forward to Treehouse tweets and Facebook posts because they are that good. Treehouse has exactly what it takes to fully execute a successful business and I totally admire them for their dedication. Even if you’re not looking to learn web design or coding, I would follow their lead when it comes to real social media. Be real people 🙂


Rules to Follow

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Oh the places I will go…

Managers have a huge responsibility to lead a team of people, delegate accordingly, and mentor along the way. What happens if you’re team is not capable of handling tasks or following directions? Some would say it is the managers fault for not being able to lead their team and others would say, terminate and start over. In my case, I cannot terminate anyone and I am doing my part to show these people how to prioritize tasks.  I literally have to review each and everyone’s weekly task list and help them prioritize. NO LIE… These employees are either afraid to think for themselves or they are not capable of doing so. I still need to figure this out. 

I’ve managed teams throughout my career and like most leaders, I have my moments where I am stressed but never in a million years have I had to not only manage a team but also literally think for them too. I’ve asked my team to prioritize the way they think is appropriate and show me what they’ve come up with.  They literally came up with a “wish list” of items that they would like to work on. ARGH! How is it even possible? I think this has a lot to do with complete chaos of a start up and lack of a company vision and mission. 

As mentioned previously, I broke my own rule and accepted a position (via a temp agency) at a start up home interior e commerce firm. I still have yet to see a business plan, a mission statement, and overall direction for the company. I’ve asked the next person above me (CEO) to help me out with creating a plan but I received NOTHING. I ask for assistance to get me up to speed and I hear, “you’re on the front line.” Something is off about this whole gig… 

I presented a SWOT analysis to the CEO to discuss some concerns I have and no lie, the CEO didn’t even look at the document, he crumpled it up and threw it away. He also said, “I am a country boy and can’t read these things. Just tell me what you want.” RED FLAG! I have been with this company 7 weeks, how the hell am I supposed to take the company in the right direction when there isn’t even a direction to aim towards? I’ve taken initiative and done my part. The CEO is literally impressed with my marketing ideas and HubSpot statistics. Great but these are leads and not sales. How do we bring in money?? No plan there. I created a plan but have the wrong team to execute my plan and a CEO that “can’t” read because he is a “country boy.”

My advice to any leader is listen to your employees! If you put someone on the front line, you need to hear them out. It’s a bumpy road and after 7 weeks of this, I am already running out of gas. Another rule I once created for myself “if you hate waking up to go to work in the morning, it’s time to move on.” I wonder if I will follow my own rule….

Moving on along my road… I miss my road2design



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